News “Urbanistika” signed 2 contracts for drawing up of special plans for the heating systems


JSC "Urbanistika" signed a contract with the Raseiniai Region Municipal Administration for the renovation of the special plan for the heating of the Raseiniai region, and a contract with the Tauragė Region Municipal Administration for drawing up a special plan for the heating of the Tauragė region.

The following works shall have to be carried out under the contracts:

  1. Formulating long-term policies for the modernization and development of the heating sectors of the municipalities, aiming to ensure safe and reliable provision of heat to consumers at lowest cost and without exceeding permissible adverse environmental effects;
  2. To coordinate the interests of the state, the municipality, energy companies, natural and legal persons (or groups thereof) with regard to providing heat to consumers and energy resources for the production of heat;
  3. To regulate the various ways of providing heat and (or) the fuels and types of energy used in the production of heat in the territories (zones) of heat consumers.