Services Planning

UAB "URBANISTIKA" carries out complex and special territorial planning works of all levels and all types of planning:

  • planning of big-sized territories (entire state, cross-border territories – Euroregions, big parts of the state – counties and districts),
  • planning of medium-sized territories (cities, towns, villages),
  • detailed planning of small-sized territories (blocks, sites or their groups, squares, plazas, etc.), etc.

UAB "URBANISTIKA" makes the analyses of the existing condition of territories and forecasts of long-range development, and the trends cover all possible territorial planning areas. These areas can be integrated into complex territorial planning works or elaborated by drawing individual territorial planning documents, as special territorial planning works.

Master plans

The company elaborates master plans of territories of all levels – national, regional, district, therefore, it deserves to be a leader in this field in Lithuania.

Master plan is a complex territorial planning document for the country, counties, municipalities, cities, and towns:

  • setting spatial conception of development of the territory planned as well as the principles of use and protection of the territory,
  • ensuring sustainable development of territories, rational use of territories, protection of values, and quality of life of the people.

The company develops long-term territorial planning documents by maintaining and cherishing living planning traditions of the Lithuanian region as well as referring to the sustainable development guidelines, approved by the EU.


Fundamental master plans elaborated and approved over the last decade:

  • Master plan of the Republic of Lithuania,
  • Master plans of Alytus, Marijampolė, Panevėžys, Šiauliai, Tauragė, and Telšiai counties,
  • Master plan of Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant region,
  • Master plans of Biržai, Jurbarkas, Klaipėda, Rokiškis, Šiauliai, Švenčionys, Utena, Varėna, Vilnius, and other districts,
  • Master plans of Alytus, Panevėžys, Šiauliai, Anykščiai, Ignalina, Jurbarkas, Rokiškis, Utena, Šalčininkai, Švenčionys, Visaginas, Lentvaris, and other towns,
  • Master plans of municipalities of resort towns - Neringa and Birštonas,
  • Master plans of Daugai, Dieveniškės, Jieznas, Švenčionėliai, Kairiai, Lentvaris, Pabradė, Gelgaudiškis, Eišiškės, Jašiūnai, Baltoji Vokė, and other towns.

Special plans

In these latter years UAB "URBANISTIKA" has been carrying out more and more of special planning works of various purposes:

  • special plans of landscaping,
  • special plans of tourism and recreation,
  • special plans of infrastructure development (communication corridors, engineering networks, communications, retail, and other objects of infrastructure),
  • development plans of cross-border borderline territories of the Republic of Lithuania and one or several foreign states,
  • location plans of skyscrapers,
  • location plans of territories of residential buildings or buildings and structures of other purpose,
  • plans for specifying the administrative boundaries of territories, etc.

Special attention is given to the elaboration of special plans of all communications (streets and roads, public transport, cycleways and pedestrian walkways, parking lots, street red lines, etc.).

For the course of planning the company uses the following modern software: ArcGIS, AutoCAD, Civil 3D, Synchro Studio, etc.


Fundamental special plans elaborated and approved over the last decade:

  • special plan of tourist and recreational territories of Druskininkai Municipality (2005),
  • special plan of tourist and recreational development of Alytus County (2010),
  • special plan of transport flows and infrastructure of Plungė and its accesses (2010),
  • special plan for locating residential buildings or buildings and structures of other purpose in the territory of Municipality of Trakai District (2012),
  • special plan for identifying and arranging the territory of historical part of Panevėžys and its buffer zone boundaries (2012),
  • special plan for introducing new types of transport in Vilnius (2012).

Detail plans

A significant field of activities of UAB "URBANISTIKA" constitutes the elaboration of detailed plans. The specialists of the company can work out both particularly elaborate detailed plans of big-sized territories and detailed plans of smaller scope to meet various needs of residents and companies.

The elaboration of detailed plans covers full analysis of the territory and perspective of development including the regulations of building, planting, engineering infrastructure, and landscaping, as well as the environmental impact assessment.


Fundamental detailed plans elaborated and approved over the last decade:

  • detailed plan of Laisvės Square in Ignalina (2003),
  • detailed plan of the Horse Museum ethnographic rural territory in Niūronys Village, Anykščiai Eldership (2003),
  • detailed plan of the territory of UAB "Šiaurės miestelis" in Vilnius (2005),
  • detailed plan of the site of Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant (cadastral No. 4535/0002:5 Drūkšiniai Village, Visaginas Municipality) (2006),
  • detailed plan of the land parcel (unique No. 0101-0023-0064, cadastral No. 0101/0023:64), situated at Verkių g. 29, Municipality of Vilnius City (2009),
  • detailed plan of the site between Upės and Studentų streets in Vilnius (2010),
  • detailed plan of the territory, provided in the general plan of Rokiškis for urban planning (2011),
  • detailed plan of the central part of Kužiai (2013).