Services Studies and consultations

The specialists of UAB "URBANISTIKA":

  • Consult natural persons and legal entities on territorial planning and construction,
  • Provide excerpts of respective plans, forecasts, and proposals,
  • Perform search for information and process it by the customer's request,
  • Give specific recommendations on territorial planning related matters,
  • Render methodical assistance to natural persons and legal entities,
  • Elaborate studies and project proposals in analyzing, assessing, and generalizing potential tendencies as well as perspectives of development of various urban architectural subjects and (or) territories.


Fundamental feasibility studies:

  • Feasibility study on selecting the location for the National Science and Congress Center, based on which the Strategic Committee of the Government of the Republic of Lithuania included Vilnius House of Culture, Entertainment and Sports in the list of objects of national significance,
  • Feasibility study on building skyscrapers in the territory between Goštauto and Geležinio Vilko streets,
  • Feasibility study on building a signal-controlled crossing on Pilaitės Avenue, etc.